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What is photo carpet?

Photo carpet is a carpet that is woven with the latest technology and meets all standards. There are 3 types of photo carpet: brown woven photo carpet, carpet in kilim color and colorful silk carpet.

Brown woven photo carpet:

As it is woven, paint is not used and color shades are woven with only brown yarns close to human skin color.

Structure: polypropylene yarn - the mixture of longitudinal and transverse yarns of wool and cotton.

Quality: it may be easily cleaned or wiped with either dry or chemical substances; fade-resistant and non-shedding; it will maintain its present originality after 50 years.

Size: 10 standard sizes.

The period for weaving: 10 days.

Carpet in kilim color:

Unlike the carpet, it is gently and delicately woven and made by coloring method. It is possible to reflect any vivid color.

Quality: only dry cleaning; fade-resistant.

Size: 10 standard sizes.

The period for weaving: 10-15 days.

Colorful silk carpet:

It is woven with a vacuumed new coloring method with 500 loops, which is considered the latest technology of 2018.

The original photo is maintained in its color, as is the case. You can easily clean, wash and wipe the silk carpet with dry or chemical substances. It is specially licensed for its quality.

Structure: polyester - the mixture of 30% silk, 30% wool, and 40% acrylic.

The period for weaving: 10-15 days.

It has guaranteed for 50 years beyond fire, earthquake, flood and other natural disasters.

Due to the fact that each carpet is woven individually, they cannot be returned, provided that there is a weaving mistake.

There are examples on web page. You can choose any size there. The photo ordered is cut to any size and woven to the carpet.

After presenting a photo, cash or online payment is made 50% beforehand and the rest of it is paid when the carpet is delivered. However, card payment (Bolkart, Kapital kart, Smile Kart, Albalı) is made 100% beforehand.

We secure the confidentiality of all photos of the customers. They are not published either on social networks or on web pages. Because we have lots of photo carpet samples on our page.

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