Interesting Experiences

During the day we receive lots of calls and hold meetings on different issues. Sometimes there are memorable, funny and interesting situations that influence our staff positively under the heavy workload. The collection of “Real Stories” has been created in this regard. To get acquainted with these stories will be interesting for you. 

1. During a meeting with a customer: He gave us a photo. 
Our colleague: “This is a better one. Let’s choose this”.
Customer: “Ok. Let’s choose. But can you remove the glasses from his eyes in the photo..?:)”.

2. An aunt bought a carpet for her 3-year nephew\niece. When we visited the house to give the carpet, the grandmother of the child welcomed us. While seeing the carpet, her first expression was:
 – “Oh my God! What a beautiful gift! Who is that on the carpet?” She kissed her grandchild. “You are my beauty. You are my all. This gift is more than a brilliant. You moved me to tears. I am so happy. I cannot express my feelings”. 
We said goodbye and left the house.

3. A customer is calling:
 – “Can I bring a carpet from my home and give a photo and can you weave on this carpet?:)”

4. We had to deliver a carpet to a customer in Koroghlu metro station. Our employee did not arrive there yet and was calling where the customer was:
 – “Hi, in which part of the metro station are you?”
 – Customer: “Do you know where I am?”
 – Our employee: “Where?”
 – Customer: “Here I am. I am standing here…:)”

5. A customer presented our carpet to his dear relative. His father-in-law liked it so much that he assigned him to a post. 

6. One customer presented a carpet to one businessman. That businessman assigned the person to one of his hotels as a manager. We, also as a team, rested several times in that hotel. 

7. A customer presented a carpet to his uncle. His uncle is the head of the famous construction company in Azerbaijan. The other day the customer was calling us floating on air. We asked what happened. He was crying on the phone and we insisted: “what happened? Tell us.” He said: “My uncle deleted my house credit in the amount of 62.000 manats. He deleted my credit loan for one VIP framed and big carpet thanks to you. I can’t thank you enough”. We were also shocked while hearing this.

8. A customer presented a carpet to his girlfriend. At that time, they did not have an intention for marriage. However, his father-in-law liked the carpet so much that, he said to her daughter: “if a man presents you a carpet, it means that you are very precious for him. The value of the carpet is very high”. He started to speak about the values of the carpet from ancient times until today. Shortly, today this couple is married and has a daughter named Nur. Her 1-year anniversary was celebrated on 31 August.

9. We were sent a video. It was a jubilee of a well-known figure. He was presented his carpet for his 50th anniversary. The man cried while seeing his carpet. He cried at least 10 minutes, hugged and said only one sentence: ‘This is the most valuable gift in my life!”. Nevertheless, the respectable and political figures also had gifts for him on this anniversary.

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