Our Advantages

  1. We have been operating since 2011 as the first official company.
  2. Trademark Certificate has been acquired from State Committee for Standardization, Metrology, and Patents since 2012.
  3. Our official updated webpage is always available: www.fotoxalca.com.
  4. You can easily visit our main office.
  5. We cooperate with the leading banks of Azerbaijan.
  6. You have an opportunity to order with the famous credit cards like Albalı Kart, Bol Kart, World Card, Smile Card, PayKart, Azeri Card and El card.
  7. Working with official contracts.
  8. Cooperation with corporate companies.
  9. Cooperation with more than 150 partners.
  10. 5 international partners.
  11. Partnership with more than 20 regions.
  12. Our newly operated Ahmadli branch is serving for you.
  13. Online order service for customers convenience.
  14. We make continuous innovations each month and each year.
  15. We are able to immediately realize the suggestions and requests of each customer.
  16. We are always serving for you with our warm, friendly, flexible, courageous and creative team, which is open to innovations.
  17. We would rather lose money than trust and confidence.


The culture of “Fotoxalca” Company has been established on basis of friendship with the valuable customers. 
One of our most important principles and strategies is that, if a customer buys a carpet once, he or she will absolutely buy twice or at least his or her friends will buy)))

Contact and Whatsapp

+994 50 599 50 77

Location Address

"Chirag Plaza"




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