Bring your photo, we will weave on the carpet! we will weave on the rug! we will weave on the pillow! we will weave on the tapestry!

Paint is not used and color shades are woven with only brown yarns close to human skin color.

Who chooses us?

The most beautiful moments of life are passing by. Sometimes it becomes difficult to remember those days. But the only way to return these feelings, excitements, and emotions is photos.

A person who wants to astonish a friend that has everything and does not need of anything
A person who evaluates a gift by its value but not its price
A person who wants to be first and distinctive with his/her gifts
A person who seeks a valuable gift for his/her beloved one

Choose Your Gift!

Astonish your beloved ones with extraordinary and special gifts

Colorful Silk Carpet

It is woven with a vacuumed new coloring method with 500 loops, which is considered the latest technology of 2018.

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The original photo is maintained in its color, as is the case. Structure: polyester - the mixture of 30% silk, 30% wool, and 40% acrylic.
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Miniature Carpet

A framed, tabletop carpet is an ultimate and ideal gift for your foreign guests, family members, business friends, and work offices.

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Generally, it is recommended for scenery, company logos, single person or child photos. Sizes: 15*20cm, 20*25cm.
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Photo Pillow

It is woven on the cloth with the most advanced technology. It is considered for a child, spouses, and lovers and for one portrait.

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Quality: easily cleaned and washed; fade-resistant. Sizes: 45x45cm, 45x65cm. Period for weaving: 10-15 days.
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Photo Rug

Unlike the carpet, it is gently and delicately woven and made by coloring method. It is possible to reflect any vivid color.

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Quality: only dry cleaning; fade-resistant.
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Partial payment opportunity

Our company cooperates with the leading banks of Azerbaijan and sells its products with the credit cards offered by the banks. You can pay for any photo carpet in any size within 3-12 months on the basis of non-interest bearing credit. If you hold any of these cards below, then make a move! Order a photo carpet!

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