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Cash payment is made 50% beforehand and the rest of it is paid when the carpet is delivered. However, card payment (Bolkart, Albalı, Kapital kart, Smile Kart, World card) is made 100% beforehand.

Preparation - maximum within 7-10 days after receiving the order. If you want earlier, for example, within 5 days, you have to pay an additional 30% of the fixed amount!

If you want within 1-3 days, you have to contact the sales specialist.


  1. Intracity - delivery to any place is chargeable. Price changes according to the area.
  2. Region - it is delivered to Baku International Bus Station on the company’s account, but the rest of the payment shall be made by the customer.
  3. International - for international delivery, firstly, a certificate is required (70 AZN with state duty). Then we deliver to any place or to anyone on our account.