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The most beautiful moments of life are passing by. Sometimes it becomes difficult to remember those days. But the only way to return these feelings, excitements, and emotions is photos. Our mission is to present distinctive, eccentric woven photos of your beloved ones on the carpet in order to stick in memory their happiest moments and to bring those feelings back.

NOTE: Our aim and mission are not to compete with the carpet weavers in Azerbaijan, but to establish mutual friendship and love. Thus, they have a great place in our heart.


  1. Satisfaction - To create customer satisfaction with products and services of our company
  2. Pleasant impression - To give a pleasant and unforgettable impression on the customers and the third parties
  3. Friendship - To establish close and continuous cooperation, mutual understanding and reliability between the customers and our company


  1. We have been operating since 2011 as the first official company.
  2. Trademark Certificate has been acquired from State Committee for Standardization, Metrology, and Patents since 2012.
  3. Our official updated webpage is always available: www.fotoxalca.com.


Our company was established in 2011 and has been operating since on april 1, 2012. However, some researches took our time and we have set out our work seriously since 2013. We present you the chronology of our company.

  1. 01.03.2013 - We got our TIN from the Ministry of Taxes.
  2. 05.03.2013 - We created our official web page www.fotoxalca.com through www.mega-az.com, the official representation of American Company in Azerbaijan.
  3. 16.03.2013 - We started cooperation with "Multibon" Company which has a bonus system.


During the day we receive lots of calls and hold meetings on different issues. Sometimes there are memorable, funny and interesting situations that influence our staff positively under the heavy workload. The collection of “Real Stories” has been created in this regard. To get acquainted with these stories will be interesting for you. 

1. During a meeting with a customer: He gave us a photo. 
Our colleague: “This is a better one. Let’s choose this”.
Customer: “Ok. Let’s choose. But can you remove the glasses from his eyes in the photo..?:)”.